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Welcome to the Institute of Podospherology!

New for the World Cup 2014! Exclusive videos of Big Phil! Go to the video page!


Hello! I'm Professor Clive Griffin-Braemar, the director of the Institute. Podospherology, from the Greek Ποδοσφαιρολογíα, is the Science of Football. Our aim is to conduct research into all aspects of football and bring the benefits of technology to the game, with the aim of enhancing all aspects of the game to the benefit of players, officials and supporters all round the world. We hope you will follow our progress on this site!

Current Research

Now that the World Cup 2014 is here, we will be analysing all the big technological news arising from the games as they progress, especially as goal-line technology is being employed for the first time (we like to think we had some good ideas for that). We will be following it closely with forensic analysis of its usefulness. Also, just as we did with the Jabulani ball in South Africa, we will be looking closely at how the Brazuca ball fares this time round. Any other podospherologically relevant events will come under our microscope as well. We hope you will share in our research and predictions for the future of football technology based on the results of this competition.

We have also signed up Big Phil to give us his exclusive videos on a regular basis, so come back here for more. As they say in Brazil: tudo bem and até logo!

White Papers

Cephalopodospherologics project continues for 2011-2012 - see left for link!

As we forge ever further into the age of technology, football is coming increasingly under the all-seeing eye of the television camera and is being ever more dissected by the "experts". We believe that football is seriously lagging behind other sports in its uptake and deployment of technology for the benefit of player and spectator alike. Whil football may not necessarily need to go as far in its use of technology as some other sports, we feel that there is much that can be done. With this in mind, we are building up a collection of White Papers with proposals to solve persistent problems in football through the judicious use of technology. As we develop more papers, we will release them for anyone interested to download them. We will also send them to the National, European and World governing bodies in the hope that they will sit up and take notice, and that through the use of our innovative and foolproof solutions, the game will no longer be tarnished by such events as the Frank Lampard non-goal against Germany in South Africa.

Click here for the White Papers

Upcoming research projects

  • Cephalopodospherologics
  • Central Floodlighting
  • Electronolens
  • Escaloseating
  • Football Branded Food
  • Technical Area Forcefield
  • Goalkeeper Gecko Gloves
  • Goalkeeper Technoshades
  • Goalline Detection Device
  • Perspex Roof
  • Retractable Grass
  • Roboballboy
  • Robocoach
  • Shadow Equaliser
  • Automatic Shirt Colours