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Current Research White Papers

Cephalopodospherologics project continues for 2011-2012 - click on links below to download White Paper and weekly stats!

On this page you can download copies of our current research papers deealing with all aspects of technology in football. At the moment we have a research white paper on our upcoming Offside Detection Device. We hope you leep coming back for more papers!

Upcoming research projects

  • Central Floodlighting
  • Electronolens
  • Escaloseating
  • Football Branded Food
  • Technical Area Forcefield
  • Goalkeeper Gecko Gloves
  • Goalkeeper Technoshades
  • Goalline Detection Device
  • Perspex Roof
  • Retractable Grass
  • Roboballboy
  • Robocoach
  • Shadow Equaliser
  • Automatic Shirt Colours